Beautiphi Academy Training FAQ

Beautiphi Academy has trained over 700 medical professionals and we pride ourselves on the success you have AFTER you leave our program… meaning, we’re here to help you get from A to Z, and then jump for joy and celebrate with you when you call to tell us you sold your med spa for over a million dollars 🥰  We are your biggest cheerleaders!! 

There are SO many training options, How is Beautiphi Academy different? 

We believe that education and safety are the 2 most important pieces of aesthetic medicine. We have hours and hours of online education you can watch as many times as you want both before and after class! We also offer AANA Credits for the courses you complete!

My staff and I have been together for over 4 years, and everyone is incredibly passionate about teaching and sharing what works for our own medspa. We use our real patients that you can interact with during training, and you get to be immersed into our location in Rochester, Mi for your entire hands on experience.  Training in a hotel room or rented facility isn’t in your best interest.  At Beautiphi Academy, you’ll leave with a full picture of how a successful med spa operates!

How Big are the groups?

When you come to Beautiphi Aesthetic Boutique during your scheduled hands on, you are in small groups to learn, and 2:1 while injecting. That means you and your training partner are paired up to 1 staff member for intimate hands on and you’ll rotate around to work with everyone!! 

What's the difference between Novice & Advanced courses?

Novice includes everything you need to get started! Our Novice course can be taken as:

  • Novice Toxin, Skincare & Chemical Peels - this course includes the Business of Aesthetics lecture, hours of online didactic, and 1 day of hands on. 14.5 AANA credits
  • 'All in' Aesthetics - includes all of the above, plus 2 extra days of hands on for dermal filler and regenerative aesthetics! 35.5 AANA credits
  • Advanced Aesthetics - you're eligible for this course after completing the 'All in' Aesthetics course! It's hours of online didactic and then 3.5 days of in person, hands on to elevate your practice to the next level!

Which Class should I take? 

Beautiphi Academy offers 4 different courses.

  • Online didactic with 1 day of Hands on for Novice Toxin, skincare & chemical peels.
  • Online didactic with 3 days of Hands on for Novice 'All-in' for Aesthetics.
  • Online didactic with 3.5 days of Hands on for Advanced Aesthetics. You are eligible for this class after completing the Novice 'All-in' course above.
  • Privately Scheduled Advanced classes for you or a group of injectors - please email [email protected] to create a custom course and schedule!

What will I inject?


During Novice tox training, you’ll inject the glabella, frontalis, crows feet, brow lift and lip flips.

During Novice filler training, you’ll inject cheeks, jaw and lips. You’ll get to see full face corrections by Beautiphi staff, and can have your own face injected while in town! 

Novice Regenerative aesthetics teaches micro-needling, how to use PRP and Anteage products in SOOOO many different ways for the face, hair and body, how to incorporate skincare & chemical peels into patient care plans, and how to inject tear troughs!


During Advanced tox, you'll learn the lower face, masseters, traps, micro tox, therapeutic migraine and body tox!

During Advanced filler training, you'll learn how to incorporate full facial balancing with chin, temples & jaw - and learn to efficiently use cannulas. You'll learn the importance of biostimulators - Radiesse & Sculptra - and get hands on experience and treatments!

Advanced Regenerative aesthetics focuses on custom micro injection facial cocktails using PRP, PRF, Exosomes, Peptides & PDO AfterGlo! You'll learn how to inject PRF safely and get an introduction to many device companies with Beautiphi discounts! You'll learn how to plan and execute packages, how to bundle for best results, our secrets to offering "Sales" whiles increasing ROI and more!!

Who will I learn from? 

Beautiphi has 2 Crnas, 4 NPs, 1 PA and 2 RNs! We are constantly attending advanced trainings, cadaver labs and learning things we can bring back and teach you!

What does Beautiphi Academy offer that other programs don’t?

We offer a community unlike ANY other in the industry. You’ll have 700+ providers HELPING you! We share, we celebrate, we refer to each other, and we continue to offer education in multiple capacities. After completing training, you're able to become a part of the Beautiphi Academy mentorship program with daily education!

What does this mean for you? It means that 15+ aesthetic companies recognize our community and extend Beautiphi only discounts, cadaver labs and Advanced Trainings that you can only attend as a Beautiphi Graduate ❤️

Beautiphi ONLY Discounts

- Exclusive Pricing on 
  • Injectables - tox & filler 😱
  • Multiple Skincare companies
  • THE ONLY company to Exclusively partner with EMER Skin & Anteage
  • Lasers and RF Micro Needle Devices
  • Tixel
  • Salt Facial & Ultherapy 
  • Observ Skin Analysis machine
  • Accuvein
  • Micro-needle Pens
  • EXO Exosomes
  • Anteage Exosomes
  • PDO max Threads & AfterGlo
  • Injecting Chairs / lighting 
  • Injecting supplies 
  • Vi Chemical Peels
  • Aesthetic Record EMR software
  • Lead AR, Lead Generating & Organizing Software with a Website!
  • Credit Card Processing Discounts!!

Why is Teachable charging Sales Tax?

Listed below are states that Teachable requires sales tax paid directly to them. If you have questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help!

District of Columbia (DC)

New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina

Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington State
West Virginia

When is Training Available?!

Note that the first day listed, is the date for Novice Tox, and the "All-in" trainees will stay for all 3 days!

After completing All-in for Aesthetics, you are eligible to come to the 3 1/2 day Advanced injectable and business course!